After several months of hard work, Dennis Rådström from Torsby are registered to the Junior World Rally Championship, JWRC.

It feels very good that we are registered. This is a teamwork, and everyone in the team worked hard to get us here. It is one thing to dream about WRC, but now it’s reality, says Dennis.

Although the registration is in, and a big part of the budget is done. A lot of work with geting sponsors and partners for the season remains before they can relax.

– There is still a lot of work left before every thing is done. But if we continue to work like we have done now, I am confident that everything soon will be solved .

Johan Johansson from Valdemarsvik is Dennis new co-driver for 2017. And he is happy that the WRC-adventure now becomes reality.

-– This is great! It’s a dream come true. It has always been a dream to be in WRC, but I never thought I would come here. Hard work pays off, says Johan.

With the WRC premiere just two months away, Dennis and John are busy preparing for this year’s season.

-– Now we need to get som tarmac experience! We will visit M-Sport, who runs the JWRC, and go through everything and also get to test drive the car on the asphalt. Then we plan to do some events in Germany and also run a test together with the Sweden national team. We want to go to Corsica as well prepared as possible, says Dennis.

The 2017 JWRC season starts in april at Corsica, France. Every contender drives equal Ford Fiesta R2T prepared by M-Sport Poland. Dennis and Johan are on of the ten teams who have entered so far.

This weekend Dennis and Johan competes in the Swedish Championship opener in Söderhamn.