In less than a month Swedish Dennis Rådström and his co-driver Johan Johansson start their WRC-adventure when they drive the first round of the Junior World Rally Championship in Corsica. And now, with just weeks to go, they are busy with all the last preparations.

– It is a lot of work. We are working with the tire strategies and are watching incar from last year’s rally to learn the stages, says Dennis.

Last weekend was Dennis and Johan visited M-Sport in England, who runs the JWRC-series, to get information, meet all the staff and competitors, and get to test drive their race car, a Ford Fiesta Ecoboost R2T.

– It was fun to meet everyone. We also got coaching in nutrition and exercise, so now we are exerciseing every morning and afternoon to get as well prepared as possible for the first race, Dennis continues.

But already this weekend Dennis is in a race car, as he co-drives his father Arne in LBC Rushen in Lima, Sweden.

– It will be fun to go with Dad, it’s a very nice race. Then it becomes a ”father and son” race between us and Petter Solberg, who also has his son as co-driver. But it is also helpful to ride as a co-driver, you learn a lot. And dad is a good driver, so hopefully I learn somethings from him, says Dennis.